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The weirdest thing happened to me today. I was on my book twitter and I tweeted that I finished a debut novel by one author and then was gonna read a debut novel by another author. Decided to tag both authors. Lo and behold not just a few seconds later, I was blocked on Twitter by the author whose book I was going to read next. I had been scrolling through her profile right before I tweeted (to double check if I spelled her book's title correctly) and was not blocked. Less than ten seconds (my tweet had a "9s" timestamp on it on my feed) I was blocked.


What the flying fuck? It's your debut novel and you're blocking someone who wants to give you money and read your book. 


I thought maybe she was one of the authors who hates fan tagging but she has retweeted other people saying they were reading/had read her book. So nope.


I thought maybe there was something she didn't like about my account. Nothing offensive, my last tweets were about cancelling Kindle Unlimited, my profile info just said I was into books and true crime podcasts. So... I don't think so?


My last thought is that she had a beef with the other author I tagged (who did not respond and did not block me).


But still. What the ever loving fuck. I'm definitely not buying her book now. Screw that noise.

Dark in Death - J.D. Robb

Currently reading this. Like previous installments I find it very boring. I'm skimming and skipping pages because I just can't be bothered.


One thing that jumped out at me was a retcon or continuity error. This won't make any sense to people unfamiliar to the series but to those who have read it:


Eve is a Yankees fan, according to previous books. BUT. In this book, she gets mad at either Jenkinson and Reinekie (book is in the other room, too tired to get up to double check) because they're discussing sports and Eve says her division supports the Mets, Knicks and other teams I can't remember. He responds "what about the Yankees?" and she glares at him. But previous books established that Eve is a Yankees fan. So either Robb and her editor forgot or Eve is lying to her detectives about which team she supports.


This isn't the first continuity error in the series (there are several dozens) but this is the first one I've noticed in this book.


Guess who is still getting notifications for people joining book clubs she's not in? This girl!

Haven't done much reading so far this year.


I can recall finishing only one book: Heist by MJ Duncan. It was okay, glad I sort of didn't pay for it (due to Kindle Unlimited).


I've checked out many books from the library physically and via Overdrive but didn't finish any. Whoops.


I had a goal to write one post a week for 2018 (with at least one post a month being a book review) and three weeks of 2018 have passed and I've only written one post! 


(On Wordpress, of course, I don't really post here since the website is so darn buggy)


I don't know why I set that goal since I have absolutely no idea what the non-book reviews posts would be even be about. I don't think anyone wants to read about my rambles about femslash fanfiction...




did they fix it yet


I'm still getting notifications about PEOPLE I DON'T FOLLOW joining books clubs I'M NOT IN.

Shelf Shuffling

Renamed my maybes shelf and shoved a few from my to-read to the maybes shelf. Mostly those I know will be hard to find because they're obscure. 


I should fill my to-read shelf with the books I own but haven't read but... lazy.

September Recap

Books read:

Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

Secrets in Death by JD Robb


Books currently reading:

4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro


Books purchased:

Warcross by Marie Lu


Books read but did not finish:

The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin


Placed on TBR:

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng


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Made a book-related twitter
!!! spoiler alert !!! Review
1 Stars
Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb

The latest entry in the In Death series is the least memorable one in a while. This book's case is the murder of someone readers met in a previous installment: Larinda Mars. Some digging by Lieutenant Eve Dallas reveals that Mars had spent years blackmailing people just because she liked it.


Spoilers below the cut.

-read more-
Reading progress update: I've read 158 out of 370 pages.
Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb

I chose the paperback edition because it has the right cover and right release date but I'm actually read the hardcover edition. 


I'm still generally apathetic about NR/JDR so once again this is a library check-out. 


So far, it's a usual copy and paste formulaic JD Robb book.


A smidge more homophobia from Eve is all I've noticed so far. Just under halfway through and I'm so, so bored. I'm cringing at how much money I've spent over the years buying her books. I want my money and my shelf space back. 

My latest posts on WordPress

Still trying to remember to post regularly on WP but it's a bit difficult because I get distracted so easily. I'm also still trying to figure out what kind of book blogger I want to be on that platform.


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Just noticed this error

Why am I getting notifications about people I don't follow joining book clubs I'm not in?

I think my main problem with finishing books these days is that I'm just 100% not interested in reading books about straight people and books about queer women are hard to find in public libraries (can't afford to buy books these days; no money and no space for them in my house). It might be easier if I had a Kindle...

5 Stars
The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women - Kate Moore

A riveting and thoroughly researched history of the young American women whose lives were irreversibly changed by radium. During World War I, dozens of young women, some still teenagers, were hired to paint dials numbers and hands with a magical substance called radium. No one told them it was toxic. The numbers and hands were so small, the girls only had one option to get the brush fine enough to paint them properly: put them in their mouths.


Lip, dip, paint. Over and over again.


When the girls started getting sick, no one could figure out the cause. It took some time before anyone even considered that what they did at the factory could be the cause. And when even a hint of blame was placed on the radium, the company worked as hard as it could to divert the blame to something, anything else.


It took decades for the young women, many of whom had died horrible, painful deaths decades before they were meant to pass, to get justice. Moore tells the never-before-heard story in painstaking detail. Truly an incredible book.


I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for this honest review.