Dark in Death - J.D. Robb

Currently reading this. Like previous installments I find it very boring. I'm skimming and skipping pages because I just can't be bothered.


One thing that jumped out at me was a retcon or continuity error. This won't make any sense to people unfamiliar to the series but to those who have read it:


Eve is a Yankees fan, according to previous books. BUT. In this book, she gets mad at either Jenkinson and Reinekie (book is in the other room, too tired to get up to double check) because they're discussing sports and Eve says her division supports the Mets, Knicks and other teams I can't remember. He responds "what about the Yankees?" and she glares at him. But previous books established that Eve is a Yankees fan. So either Robb and her editor forgot or Eve is lying to her detectives about which team she supports.


This isn't the first continuity error in the series (there are several dozens) but this is the first one I've noticed in this book.