Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb

The latest entry in the In Death series is the least memorable one in a while. This book's case is the murder of someone readers met in a previous installment: Larinda Mars. Some digging by Lieutenant Eve Dallas reveals that Mars had spent years blackmailing people just because she liked it.


Spoilers below the cut.

I've said for a while that the series has become stale for me and it continues with this book. I just could conjure up any interest at all in who killed Mars. The jacket blurb hints that Dallas might possible find out some terrible secret about those she knows and cares for but that does not happen.


A lot of the conversation between the main characters feels copy and pasted from previous books. The same descriptions and conversations we've read over the past 55 books with nary an iota of difference. Jekinson has a weird tie fetish, Peabody won't shut the hell up about McNab, Eve hates makeup and haircuts, etc etc. To me it felt like Robb phoned this one in. It really annoys me due to the constraints she puts on herself in order to keep the series formulaic (for example, she has said before that Eve will never not be the focus or lead, not even for a handful pages, thereby nixing the possibility she ever gets seriously injured and Peabody and the rest of the cast work to get justice for her). I would link to the list of things Robb would say she would never write but the website that had the list has been taken down.


This is all to say that I finished the book very disappointed and glad I only checked it out from the library and didn't purchase it.