Thankless in Death - J.D. Robb

The latest installment in the length In Death series written by Nora Roberts (under the penname J.D. Robb) is an intriguing twist on the usual path the books take. This time, Lt. Dallas and her team know who exactly they're after - they just need to find him before more bodies pile up. Because of this, Robb dedicates quite a few chapters so the reader finds out how the killer, well, kills. Most of the other In Death books don't do this at all. Reunion in Death and Creation in Death are the ones that spring to mind immediately that follow the killer's path. 


The book also delivers a bigger dose of Dallas and husband Roarke's personal life than previous installments. As it's Thanksgiving, Roarke's Irish family is once again visiting (the last Thanksgiving was Origin in Death) and along with them is Nixie, the sole survivor of the murders in Survivor in Death who looks up to Eve as hero (and as a result, some humorous and emotional interactions happen between the two). Alongside this is some interesting police-related yet personal matters show up for Dallas and Roarke. For their brilliant life-saving work in Delusion in Death the two are to receive medals (the ceremony is in the book, thankfully, with a speech by Roarke and Dallas individually) and a neat surprise for Dallas, which I won't spoil. Of course, it's not all rose petals and sunshine on the personal side, there's a rather spectacular fight and make-up written in.   


Personally, I always favor the personal side more than the police work. After all, the series is about Dallas growing as a person and a cop after meeting the love of her life and finally, after thirty years, letting more than one or two people into her life. As such I like it a lot more than the last books between New York To Dallas and this one.