Apprentice in Death - J.D. Robb

I found the book to be pretty average for an In Death book. Not very memorable, due to violence I've been exposed to in shows like Law & Order, Criminal Minds, etc, and in real life. I read the teaser a while ago and immediately thought of the Beltway snipers. I suppose it was meant to be "shocking" or a "plot twist" for Will to be a psychopath but I wasn't surprised. When people like Mary Bell, Robert Thompson, and Jon Venables exist in real life, people like Will existing in fiction isn't much of a stretch.


Nothing significant happened, just another high profile case. Eve works herself to the ground, Roarke inserts himself into the investigation and worries about her, Peabody won't shut up about her shoes or coat, Eve is forced to deal with Nadine and the media, Roarke forces her to rest and eat, they have sex sometimes, Eve has take a few hours off to do something personal like attend a party, Eve gets mildly injured. Same old, same old. The In Death series is a good series for people who like consistency and an overall lack of change.


I genuinely thought Robb would use this case as an opportunity to add some real angst to the plot by having Eve hit by a laser strike or have her walk around in public places as bait. But the most Eve got was a knife wound on her hand and a black eye. She hasn't been badly injured so far in the series, as I recall the worst that's ever happened to her was when she got nailed in the back by a kid on an airboard in Reunion in Death. She was kidnapped in Creation in Death but she was more effected by the drugs than any physical injury. I think it would be interesting to see how the characters would react if Eve were to be injured badly enough to need surgery. Would Peabody for once shut up about her boots and coat and her boyfriend long enough to hunt the person who attack her partner? What about Roarke? How far would he go? How would he react in the hospitals, with the doctors while his wife is in surgery? Or, how about if Eve is injured just like Susann was killed? Just one actual plot twist in one book would help the series.


I apologize for my rambling but I want more out of this series. Normally I'm very much not a fan of shows or books doing things for "shock value" but the series is now 54 books long and it's gotten to the point where I feel buying the books is a waste of money and instead turn to the library.