Atramentum - MJ Duncan

Finished reading this book last night. 


This book tells the story of Joss Perrault, an accountant who moves back home to Sky, Colorado after her aunt Helen dies and leaves her home and bookstore (Antramentum) to Joss. Cue the appearance of an awesome dog and her gorgeous owner and the romance gets going. 


This is the first WLW book I've bought because it's so extremely hard to find them in non-ebook form and that are actually written well. Chose to buy MJ's because I am a huge fan of her fanfiction work (because that's where all the good WLW work is being done, in fanfiction, especially if you don't want to read about teenagers who are "finding themselves") so I figured her regular writing had to be good as well. And I wasn't wrong!


I'm still eternally baffled that so, so many writers think that the "[heterosexual] relationship drama" people want to see is something like break-ups or cheating or unplanned pregnancy or something from their past coming back to haunt them yada yada. No. That is not what I want to watch or read about. Because once you've read enough books or watched enough TV, you know when a couple gets together too early in the show or the book that something bad will happen and they will probably break-up (or in the case of WLW, you get hit by a stray bullet and die right after finally having sex with the woman you love), and I am so, so glad MJ didn't write any of the above when Joss and her love, Maeve Dylan, get together roughly halfway through the book.


I would be much more entertained by watching a couple put together IKEA furniture than have one cheat on the other. It has been done to death over a million times and I am bored to tears by it. There is no new "twist" or "spin" you can put on that that will make it interesting.


Anyway, I also enjoyed that not everyone was white or straight (there were also gay male African American characters, yay!). I wouldn't proclaim to know the racial demographics of a small town in Colorado though so it may or not have been accurate (though I would hope so. 100% Wonder Bread isn't interesting).


And no biphobia! Always awesome.


The one, the single solitary downside to this book was the excessive description. For example, when Joss returns to her aunt's cottage (now her's) the first time in the book, a few paragraphs are devoted to describing the cottage exactly. Maybe other people like that, I don't know but I personally have an immense trouble putting together mental pictures in my head, no matter how detailed a description I'm given so reading those paragraphs (and other details about other things, like the exact outfits everyone in a scene was wearing) was just a waste of time and I admit to skimming those. 


10/10 would recommend.