Blue Plate Special: A Novel of Love, Loss, and Food - Frances Norris

This book is very depressing and drags on much longer than it needs to. The main character, Julia Daniels, recently lost her father (and lost her mother ten years prior due to cancer) and has to deal with her step sister and her crappy job as a "food stylist" in Los Angeles (she's from Kentucky and the only parts of the book worth reading were the parts when she was in Kentucky). To me it feels like Julia's just half-assing an attempt to make her life not suck and because of that I found it really hard to care about what happened. I ended up skimming the last hundred pages because it was so boring.


Also I found the title to be odd/misleading since it has no bearing on the plot. (I actually found this book by accident, I was actually looking for a book with the same title but different author)